Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Girl on Bicycle Unfinished Drawing

All right, all right, I've been a little lazy recently. I started this drawing about two months ago and I still haven't finished the damn thing. I'm mostly focusing on promoting myself the best way I can and believe me, it's terribly confusing and complicated, and it's definitely time consuming. Also, I don't really have many art classes my last semester so I'm spending most of my time reading, writing, and trying to find jobs in the area. Talk about scary!

However, I have realized I have a number of pieces to work on and a number to scan in (including my monotypes), so you will still see a relatively large amount of posts from me. I'm also going to start blogging about artists, upcoming movies and galleries, and posting topics that I feel are necessary to discuss as an illustrator. Please feel free to comment with your opinions!

Back to the drawing, I still haven't figured out what I would like for the background. Any suggestions?

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