Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monster Quest and Tattooed

Wow, I have been pretty busy lately. I just moved up to Northern Virginia and then moved again, and have been visiting doctors and optometrists and dentists that I haven't seen in years, as well as occasionally driving back to Richmond to work. Since I've had a couple of graphic design/illustrator interviews, I've redone and reprinted a good amount of my portfolio. Here are two pieces I've recently finished and edited (you can see examples and parts of them I completed below). Because I did not have time to finish an entire guitar body of work for the "Tattooed" one, I turned it into a gallery poster for my friend's old tattoo parlor. Pretty cool. I never actually posted the final image of "Monster Quest" but the text was all sorts of funky so I completely redid that, as well. Right now I'm working on another image and I hope to complete it within the next few days. I also have a few design pieces to post so I hope to put those up shortly.