Friday, October 30, 2009

Kraken Me Up

Well, I wanted to post a nice picture of a painting that I'm working on right now, but unfortunately the digital camera I've owned for 5 years is finally on its last limb:

This is the best shot I got with my dying camera. Seriously, I'm not a bad photographer! I guess it's just time to admit that my baby is dead and get a new camera. Today is a very sad day.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Monotype #1

This is my first monotype. I'm hoping to do about ten of these tonight. Wish me luck!


This is a piece I just finished today on body modification. It needed a big ol' clean up but I'm very satisfied with the results!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Comic

I felt like this should probably be a separate post from my two paintings. This is the first page of my comic book. Theres a lot more inking and watercoloring to do, but still it's pretty damn cool! I'm going into it with some white ink. The comic will be ten pages long and I will post the final result when I finish (which will be in the next month).

The Golem And The Cockroach

So I think I should go ahead and post some of the things I'm working on right now. I'm really, really stressed out but things are coming along. Here's a quick peak on what I'm working on:

This is a painting I'm working on right now. I feel it's important to address the Western fear of robotic uprising. It's not entirely done yet, but I thought it would be worth posting to see my progression. The colors are also a little off, so I hope next time around I get a better scan.

This is another painting I'm working on right now, although it's a little more finished than the golem. My thesis is folklore in the modern era and the comparison of our present superstitions with past ones. This piece is comparing a computer virus to a cockroach, which holds interesting tyrannical and metamorphosing qualities in Russian folklore. Fun stuff.

Color Study Number Two

Wow, I just found out through my friend Caitlin how to use Flickr to blog artwork! This is amazing, I LOVE IT. The one problem I had was the colors were getting messed up and a lot of my detail was lost. Look at the difference, seriously! Flickr, how I love you. You're amazing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Color Study

Here's a color study I did for a drawing I'm working on right now (You can see my sketch below). It's really complicated and I sort of wanted to take a break from drawing and see how I could use color and experiment a bit. This was actually kind of hard, but I did learn how to incorporate some of the underlying textures and I'm very excited to finish!

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Good Sketch

Lately I've been pondering process: how does an artist make a picture? I decided the simplest way for anyone to learn about process is to experiment, and I've been doing just that. While I haven't found an exact process that really works for me, I've learned a lot from it. That's the great thing about this whole experience, that I've learned something simply by playing around and trying new things.

Above are a couple of sketches I've done recently with watercolor, inks, and acyrlics.

Lenny Shakespeare

This was a collage I did for a faux-documentary article on Lenny Shakespeare, William's older alcoholic brother. I tried to take a more serious approach to the concept, but it probably would have been best to stick with the more comical idea. Still, I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome and I think it's worth sharing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Listen Girl

Well I'm working on my portfolio pieces right now, so this is my first finished piece. It's definitely a little relieving to have something finite.